The Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley, formerly known as the Head Injury Association of the (Ottawa Valley) was incorporated in 1984 as a charitable non-profit organization (Charitable Registration #11895 4866 RR0001). The affairs of the association are managed by a volunteer board comprised of no more than 10 elected directors, 1 of which shall be a survivor or a family member of a survivor. We are an affiliate member of the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA). Two members are appointed to represent the Ottawa and area membership at the Provincial level and sit on the Community Support Network. The Board approved the signing of a Framework Agreement to partner with OBIA on the following projects:

  • Brain Basics Program
  • Dual Membership
  • Resource Directory
  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Bi-annual Provincial Conference

The long term goals of the association are as follows:

  • To provide resource materials to survivors and family members and to promote awareness about brain injury and prevention of injury;
  • To provide education, information, support and advocacy;
  • To offer peer support groups for survivors and family members;
  • To provide opportunities for individuals with brain injury to participate in educational and recreational programs;
  • To provide opportunities for survivors and their family members to familiarize themselves with activities and programs that are available in the community;

For more information on all of the programs and services offered by OBIA, please visit the official OBIA website.

In response to membership needs, two new programs were implemented:

The Step Up Work Centre is operated by and for its members. The environment is welcoming, non-“clinical”, and gives participants a sense of empowerment and ownership (currently operating virtually due to COVID-19).

The Artistic Expressions Workshop was started in the fall of 2009. A grant from the Community Foundation of Ottawa enabled the association to complete the Workshop designed by its members. This extended space enabled the members to feel a sense of accomplishment having been on the Planning Committee from start to finish. 

Funding and Support

To enable the BIAOV to continue to improve and provide quality programs and services we rely on multiple financial resources such as:

  • Grants
  • Fundraising Activities (Annual and Sporadic)
  • Sponsorships and Advertising
  • Personal Donations & In Memoriam Donations

Giving Back to the Community

In an effort to bring global awareness to brain injury throughout the year the membership ensure active participation in community programs or partnerships such as:

  • City of Ottawa Public Health Helmet Initiative
  • City of Ottawa Clean Up the City Spring and Fall Campaigns
  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association – Helmets on Kids Program

Mission Statement

The Mission is to offer education, information, hope and support to persons with brain injury, their family members, friends, caregivers and professionals in the Ottawa Valley region.

The Association assists those who live with the effects of brain injury by providing education, information, support and advocacy. The Association advocates dignity, respect, inclusion and understanding for all.

Board Members

President – Scott Vernon
Vice President – Jessica Padpollock
Secretary – 
Treasurer – Adria Repp
Director – Christie Swann
Director – 
Survivor Representative – Chip Bryant